Welcome to the Dental Anxiety Quiz! Below, you will find questions that will help you take stock of your feelings on receiving dental care. This quiz is set up to gauge where you fit on the scale of dental fears and if you like, to introduce you to our office by sending us the results. Whether you want to take the quiz to see where you land, or to use it as an introduction, we are happy to welcome you to our Dental Anxiety Quiz.  Take a deep breath, let it out, relax, and answer as clearly as you can. 

Let’s begin.

    Before a dental appointment I:
    don't think about it at allworry a littleworry a lotcan't sleep the night beforecan't sleep the week beforegoogle all the things that can go wrongfeel nauseatedother

    If I have to go to see a dentist, these things could potentially help:
    Check all that apply
    having all aspects of the appointment explained to me prior to the appointmenthaving all aspects of the appointment explained to me during the appointmenthaving a warm blanket while I am in the dental chairwatching Netflix while in the dental chairusing noise cancelling headphones while in the dental chairpracticing parts of dental appointments without actually having themnot tipping back so far in dental chairstalking through my worries prior to an appointmenthaving pet therapy prior to an appointmenthaving pet therapy during my appointmentusing oral sedation to relaxusing Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to reduce intensityusing a combination of oral sedation and Nitrous Oxideother

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this quiz. It looks like you have some concerns about receiving dental care and have a few ideas about how you would like to be treated. This is a positive first step in knowing what you need in order to have the dental care you require. Once you press send, you can expect a personal reply within one business day.

    Your results will not forwarded to our office at this time. If you would like to speak to someone personally about your quiz or any of your dental concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out by phone 250-727-3552 or email info@inharmonydentalcare.ca.