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General Dentistry Services

Preventive & Restorative Dental Care

Our Victoria dentists can help you to keep your smile healthy and bright with a range of general dentistry services including routine exams and cleanings, fillings and more.

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Hygiene & Prevention

Help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease with regular hygiene cleaning and routine dental exams.

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Dentures can offer our patients a cost-effective way to restore the function of their smile.

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Dental Restorations

Restorative treatments and techniques to help restore the function and appearance of your smile.

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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges to repair damaged teeth or replace missing teeth help to improve the function and structure of your smile.

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy from our Victoria dentists can help to save an infected tooth that may otherwise need to be removed.

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  • Crowns & Bridges

    Options for Repairing Your Smile At InHarmony Dental Care our dentists offer dental crowns to repair badly damaged teeth and dental bridges to fill the gaps left by missing teeth. Book Appointment Dental Crowns Dental crowns or "caps" cover a tooth that is badly damaged, helping to restore its shape and st...
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  • Dental Restorations

    Fillings, Inlays & Onlays The dentists at our Victoria clinic use a variety of dental restoration techniques to help repair cracked, decayed, fractured or chipped teeth. Common restorations include white composite fillings, and dental inlays and onlays. Book Appointment Composite Resin (White) F...
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  • Dentures

    Smile With Confidence We offer full or partial dentures as a cost-effective way to replace missing teeth and restore the function and appearance of our patient's smiles. Book Appointment Are there different types of dentures? InHarmony Dental Care offers two denture options for patients looking to replace ...
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  • Hygiene & Prevention

    The First Step in Prevention Regular checkups and hygiene cleanings from our Victoria dentists and hygienists can help to keep your mouth healthy and free from decay and gum disease.  Book Appointment Cleanings & Checkups Professional hygiene cleanings to help maintain the health of your teeth...
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  • Root Canal Therapy

    Soothe Pain & Restore Your Oral Health At InHarmony Dental Care in Victoria our dentists provide root canal therapy to help soothe pain and restore a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Book Appointment What is root canal therapy? Where the nerve of a tooth has died, but the to...
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