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Root Canal Therapy

Soothe Pain & Restore Your Oral Health

At InHarmony Dental Care in Victoria our dentists provide root canal therapy to help soothe pain and restore a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted.

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What is root canal therapy?

Where the nerve of a tooth has died, but the tooth is firmly connected in the bone, root canal therapy can be used to retain the tooth in the bone, and ultimately save a tooth that otherwise would need to be extracted.

Just as a composite filling is used to fill a space in a decayed tooth, root canal therapy is used to fill the nerve space inside the root.

Often people call a tooth requiring root canal therapy a dead tooth but this is not entirely accurate. While the nerve of the tooth may be infected or have died, the attachment of the tooth to the bone is still alive and functional.

Root canal therapy always requires that a crown be placed once the tooth has healed, in order to maintain the structural integrity of the tooth for years to come.

What are the benefits of a root canal?

The benefits of root canal therapy can include:

  • Preserving the tooth and maintaining the bone
  • Allowing for a restoration to be done afterwards, saving a tooth from extraction
  • Eliminating pain in an abscessed tooth and relieving pressure and discomfort
Dentist performing root canal

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