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Welcome to InHarmony Dental Care!

Our Practice Philosophy

At InHarmony Dental Care in Victoria, B.C. we provide dental care that can enhance your oral health and your quality of life. We are pleased to offer a wide range of dental services in an environment that we know you will find relaxed and friendly.

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Our Office Environment

As a team, we are committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles.

We do this by taking into account the whole person when meeting new patients, and assessing each person for individual requirements necessary to receive calm dental care.  We are proud of our respectful work environment and peaceful practices as we work together with and for our patients.

We develop individualized patient treatment plans, taking into account the particular needs and requests of every patient. A wide variety of strategies help to combat dental anxiety and avoidance and they range between everything from pet therapy, to sedation options, mindfulness and open communication between providers and patients. 

We take great pride in providing the most up-to-date dental techniques while carefully considering your personal concerns about comfort, care, finances, and time.

It is our hope that during your visit with us, you will find Dr. Alex Darrach-Cottick experienced, the atmosphere friendly, the facility comfortable, and the service exceptional. 

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Welcome to InHarmony Dental Care in Victoria BC

Managing Dental Anxiety

We know that visiting the dentist can be stressful for some people. 

To help our more anxious and nervous patients to feel more comfortable, we do our best to provide a relaxing, friendly, and open environment and we even have two amazing therapeutic dogs.

By all means, ask as many questions as you like about your dental treatment, and we will do everything we can to make sure you are comfortable and fully informed before we begin.

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Sedation Options

If you experience a high degree of stress and anxiety in relation to your dental care, or if you are undergoing a complex or lengthy procedure, our dentists offer nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) to help you relax.

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What to Expect at Your Appointment

When it is time for your appointment, one of our team will escort you into an exam room where our dental assistants will make sure you are comfortable.

We will carefully explain each procedure and treatment we will be performing, and make sure all your oral health questions are answered.

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Technology For an Efficient Visit

Our treatment rooms are equipped with a variety of dental technology: digital radiography (which reduces radiation exposure by 90%) and a dental laser that often allows us to eliminate the need for injections, reduces sensitivity, decreases bleeding during surgery and is great for disinfecting periodontal pockets and root canals.

Our Dentistry Services

Feel Safe Health  Safety Commitment

Our Commitment To Safety

We employ the highest standard of sterilization and modern equipment and our highly trained staff work in harmony with each other. We are dedicated to both your dental needs and personal comfort. Our office meets or exceeds the infection control requirements. To further minimize any risk of cross-contamination, we use disposable (single-use) items whenever possible. Safety is our primary concern. 

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