Dental Bridges address the concerns arising from missing teeth.  Over time missing teeth can create difficulty in chewing without pain, create overuse in one area of the bite, and sometimes missing teeth result in shifts in the remaining teeth.  Some people find missing teeth embarrassing and would like to have the gap of the missing tooth filled, without the surgical aspect of dental implants.

To create a dental bridge, existing teeth are used as anchors. The bridge fills in the gap caused by missing teeth. Dental bridges are most often comprised of porcelain fused to metal or precious metal.


  • Bridges close gaps left by missing teeth
  • Bridges insure that the space once held by the missing tooth is held, preventing other teeth from migrating out of alignment
  • Bridges do not require surgery in order to close a gap and can result in a very natural look

Dental bridges are highly resistant to staining and chipping and can last a very long time when properly cared for.