Dental work can set off a number of anxiety triggers for patients, especially when injections are involved. This trepidation can cause patients to avoid dental visits out of fear, compromising their oral health and often compounding existing problems. Dental avoidance can cause underlying dental problems to become more severe, resulting in the need for more extensive restorative work which can compound the patient’s underlying anxiety. There is also a strong correlation between oral health and overall general wellness. 

We here at InHarmony Dental Care know that these anxiety barriers exist and strive to do all we can to make the trip to the dentist as peaceful and calm as possible. One accommodation we have made to help reduce anxiety is the integration of the DentalVibe into our practice. 

The DentalVibe is a novel technology that helps reduce the physical discomfort of injections. The DentalVibe is a small device which conveys gentle vibrations to the injection site before the needle is used. The sensory input of the vibrations can override the physical sensations of pain or pressure in the associated nerves, alleviating the discomfort of injections. The theory is that the nervous system utilizes the same pathway for expressing sensations of vibration and pressure; by applying gentle, consistent vibration the nerves are “preoccupied” by the sensory input of vibration and thus less able to rely sensations of pain. Some patients have even reported that with the application of the DentalVibe, they were unaware that the injection had actually been completed. 

Our goal at InHarmony Dental Care is to help provide a dental experience that is as calm and gentle as possible. We aim to not only approach our patients gently and with kindness, but also to make the entire dental experience as accessible as it can be. We believe that providing consistently positive experiences can help prevent the development of dental anxiety and can even recontextualize the dentist as a safe place. 

Your wellness is important to us, and that includes your emotional health. It’s another way that InHarmony Dental Care is the Practice With Patience. 

DentalVibe: Taking The Sting Out Of Injections