Nobody likes getting needles, but unfortunately local anesthetic may sometimes be necessary for your dental treatment. More commonly known as “freezing”, local anesthetic allows the dentist to perform more intensive procedures while reducing pain for the patient. However, the administration of freezing can be particular uncomfortable for some, especially for those with dental anxiety. 

Freezing is typically achieved through the use of a manual syringe administered by the dentist. While these manual injections are perfectly safe and dentists are highly trained, the analog nature of the process can still leave some minor room for error. The presence of human error, though minimized through training, can result in patient discomfort during a procedure that may already be emotionally fraught for the patient. Dentists can sometimes struggle to apply the exact right amount of pressure during the injection, causing the patient some discomfort if the anesthetic is administered too quickly. It can sometimes be difficult for the dentist to provide absolutely consistent injection times throughout the day due to fatigue, occasionally resulting in the need for a second injection before the substantive dental work can begin. 

The Septodont Dentapen helps mitigate these potential sources of discomfort by virtue of its ergonomic design and advanced technology. The Dentapen is a handheld, cordless, electronic syringe for the administration of local anesthetic. The lightweight composition allows Dr. Alex to have better control over the injection site. This increased precision can help minimize incidental tissue damage, creating a more accessible experience for the patient. 

The main benefit of an electronic syringe comes from its automated administration of the anesthetic. The Dentapen itself controls the distribution of anesthetic by administering it at a safe, consistent speed. Dr. Alex has the option of selecting one of three available injection speeds based on the particular needs of the case, while the Dentapen administers the anesthetic itself at a constant, uniform speed. Additionally, the automated nature of the Dentapen means that there is no need for dentist input regarding pressure, leading to a more comfortable overall patient experience.  

The Dentapen is cordless, which grants it greater maneuverability and allows Dr. Alex to focus on finding the ideal injection site to minimize discomfort. 

We know that dental work can be particularly stressful when needles are involved, which is why InHarmony Dental Care has invested in a more gentle solution. We here at InHarmony Dental Care are committed to providing more accessible options so you can have a more peaceful experience. It’s just one more thing way that we strive to be the Practice With Patience. 

Dentapen: Smoother, More Gentle Anaesthetic