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Meet The Dogs

Do you have anxiety when visiting the dentist?

Booking an appointment with InHarmony Dental Care means anxious or nervous patients have the option of sitting with Gryphon and Rigby, our certified therapeutic service dogs.

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The inHarmony Service Dogs

Gryphon and Rigby are our certified therapeutic service dogs with training in trying to reduce anxiety for patients of all ages.

More About Gryphon and Rigby

Both dogs are non-shedding and hypo-allergenic sheepadoodles, a cross between an Old English sheepdog and a standard poodle.

How Does This Work?

Our therapy dogs are available to sit with patients prior to their dental treatment or while planning treatment, to help provide grounding and support. They have been trained to sit near a patient’s feet on the floor or on their lap if requested.

Other Options For Anxious Patients

Gryphon and Rigby, inHarmony therapy dogs

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